Welcome To HPM Publications

Allow me to introduce myself…I started HPM (Henry Paul Matthews) Publications in late 1994 with the objective of preserving in book form the detailed history of experimental aircraft (or X-planes) and test pilots. So far I have published more than 25 books. All but one are the FIRST and so far ONLY books about their respective subjects.

These books fill a gap in the aviation history library and will remain useful historical reference works for generations to come.

I have come a long way since publishing X-Planes Book-1: The Secret Story of the Soviet Space Shuttle. A lot remains to be done and I realize that I am too late to save many X-plane histories, but I do my best. It is a service to future generations, and I hope that you will be with me. To the many enlightened individuals who believe in me and who helped and still help with their time and archives, I say a very big thank you.