Bristol T-188

HPM002 World X-Planes Profile #1 Bristol T-188
Henry Matthews and Peter Davison –  48 pages
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The story of the Bristol T-188, Britain’s stainless steel research aircraft, has never been told in such riveting details. It makes use of exclusive material provided by the late Godfrey Auty, exclusive pictures and recollections by former project personnel. This book, like most of our publications, is the only available book about its subject aircraft

* Origins: The Avro 730,
* From Concept to Prototype
* Military variants
* Building of the T-188 components,
* The Flights of XF923 & XF296
* Mission profiles, flight test results
* .. and more complete and detailed flight Logs of both aircraft; Assessment by Godfrey Auty; T-188 pilots, advances and some flight test results

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