Prelude To Eurofighter EAP

HPM003 World X-Planes Profile 1 Prelude To Eurofighter EAP
Henry Matthews – 32 pages
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Sometime, early in the 21st century, a new shape will be flying over Europe: Eurofighter. Produced by Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain, Eurofighters will replace Jaguars, Tornado F.3s, upgraded F-4F Phantoms, F-104S Starfighters and eventually perhaps the Harriers in the air forces of these countries. Eurofighters may also replace the F-5s and various aircraft in Norway and Greece and a number of other countries.

The way for such an outstanding achievement was paved by a little-heralded and now seldom-remembered aircraft: the Experimental Aircraft Programme (EAP) demonstrator, from which Eurofighter is derived.
Initiated as a private venture by BAe (now BAE Systems) with the British Government only belatedly putting in substantial amounts of money, EAP and its Eurofighter offspring survived extremely cost-conscious politicians, indifferent (sometimes hostile) decision-makers and a tug-of-war with Dassault, a company fully-backed by the French government.

It contains exclusive pictures of plane and test pilots, a complete flight log of the 259 flights of the EAP demonstrator, a stunning cutaway by Mike Badrocke and new information on the ACT Jaguar, F-104G CCV and other projects which paved the way for EAP and Eurofighter

* Origins and Purpose
* Construction
* Systems and Equipment
* The Flying Programme
* Eurofighter

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