He176 The Untold Story

HPM004 World X-Planes Profile #11 He176 The Untold Story
David Myhra – 53 pages
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This is the UNTOLD story of the Heinkel He 176 ­ Germany and the world’s first liquid-fueled rocket aircraft. Renowned author David Myhra, an authority on German WW-II aerospace projects, has pieced together a gripping account of the challenges that Ernst Heinkel faced in his effort to give his country a new kind of aircraft. In his inimitable style,

Myhra looks at the origins of the project, detailing the ground-breaking work of Heinkel and his engineers, then reviews the preliminary work on the He 112R with its triumphs and accidents, including the death of test pilot Gerhard Reins.

The book includes a first-hand account of the rocket flights by test pilot Erich Warsitz, exclusive wartime secret designs of rocket interceptors by Wernher von Braun and others, and exclusive pictures as well as computer-generated color and black and white images of the He 176 by digital artist Jozef Gatial. Sanger’s space bomber, in Nazi and Soviet markings, conclude this must-have book.* A Very Secret Undertaking

* The Only Thing That Mattered
* Dr Wolfram von Richthofen and the Rocket Powered Heinkel He 176
* The Rocket Powered Heinkel He 112R
* Ernst Heinkel and Rocket Propelled Flying Machines
* He 176 Design Concept
* Design Development
* He 176 Flight Tests
* The He 176’s Legacy
* Biography of Ernst Heinkel and Erich Warsitz

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