HP115 Prelude to Concorde

HPM005 World X-Planes Profile #10 HP115 Prelude to Concorde
Henry Matthews & Peter Davison – 80 pages
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This is the UNTOLD, UNKNOWN and EXCLUSIVE story of the highly successful British X-Plane which tested Concorde’s wing at low speed and paved the way for the supersonic airliner. Its flying career spanned eleven years, more than a thousand flights, and 500 flying hours. Read all about it, with exclusive pictures from the RAE and from very rare footage shot in 1966 by pilot John Farley himself.

Feast your eyes at the end of the book on a COMPLETE HP.115 FLIGHT LOG which has never ever been published before. British, American, Australian, French and Canadian pilots flew this aircraft, including Apollo-11’s Neil Armstrong. So did Roland Beamont, Brian Trubshaw, John Farley, Jack Reeder and Godfrey Auty.

Harrier-famous test pilot John Farley wrote the foreword for this book and called it a “comprehensive record.” He also recommended Henry’s efforts to document the X-Planes.

* Origins and Purpose
* Construction History
* General Description
* Flying Controls, Cockpit, Engine,Undercarriage
* The Contractor Flying Programme
* SBAC ’61 – SBAC’62 – SBAC ’64;
* The Initial RAE Evaluation
* The Basic RAE Scientific Research Programme
* Vortex Flow Visualisation
* Undercarriage Failure

Le Bourget and Unison 65; Flying Demonstrations for HM the Queen; Flights by French Concorde Pilots; Wingtip Parachute Trials; Explanatory Flight Research Programme; Conversion Training; Slender Delta Handling and Noise Research; “Farewell Old Friend”; Flight Log of HP.115 Registered XP841; Some HP.115 Pilots; Jack Henderson

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