Samolyot 346

HPM007 World X-Planes Monograph 2 Samolyot 346
Henry Matthews – 48 pages
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For many years, experts in the West thought that this aircraft never existed and that it had only flown in glides in war-time Germany as DFS 346. The truth is that several prototypes were built in the USSR. Designated Samolyot 346, they were flown in an ambitious but difficult rocket research program until the early 1950s.

For the FIRST TIME, the story of this program can be told. Revealed are the rocket flights made by Wolfgang Ziese, a German pilot in the USSR, the rocket-powered B-5, and a little-known French version which eventually spawned the outstanding record-breaking Griffon, a ramjet-powered X-plane.

* Origins of the Supersonic Program
* Initial Development
* Production and Testing Summary
* The Bisnovat B-5 Program
* The French Version: Arsenal 2302
* .. and more