Trident – French Rocket Fighter

HPM009 World X-Planes X Planes Profile #4
Trident – The Saga of the Unbeatable French Rocket Fighter
Henry Matthews – 48 pages
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The Trident, of mixed rocket and jet propulsion, was one of the most famous French prototype aircraft of the 1950s. It was a glaring example of the impressive rebirth of French aviation industry after the ravages of World War II. It demonstrated outstanding performance and achieved some aviation records which still stand to this day.

The Trident came close to consolidating in France the new concept of mixed propulsion (the eight prototypes built logged more than 600 flights including 220 on rocket power). Unfortunately, it was axed in its prime. Had it survived, it could have well become the stepping stone to hypersonic and orbital spaceplanes, the way the X-1, X-2 and X-15 paved the way for the US space shuttle.

This book traces the history of the Trident project, from inception to flight development. Readers of English should find it particularly revealing, as the Trident and other fascinating French X-Planes have had scant coverage in the English aviation library. The pictures are out of this world and include a stunning spread of a Trident-II in rocket flight. Like all HPM books, this book is a must-buy!”.

* The Career of SO-9000 Trident
* The SO-9050 Trident-II, Trident-IISE
* The Experimental Series
* Trident-III and the end
* Flight Log Summary
* Specifications
* Pilots

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