Ben Gunn & The BPA Delta

HPM010 World X-Pilots Book 1 A.E. ‘Ben’ Gunn (2nd Edition)
As told by Ben Gunn to Henry Matthews –  40 pages
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This is the story of the late legendary Chief Test Pilot, Ben Gunn, in his own words. Hold on to Your seat.

He started flying in Sir Alan Cobham’s famous Air Circus.

He fought in the air in WW II and shot down the last Vl flying bomb over England, in daylight, on 1 September 1944. He flew Tempest fighters in daring low-level attacks inside Nazi Germany.

He ejected inverted from a vicious black exotic X-plane dubbed the Widow Maker, and extensively flew its stablemate the Yellow Peril, which felt like “sitting on a knife’s edge.” He led a successful campaign to save Shoreham Airport, which was teetering on the edge of collapse, and made it into the best of the small airports in England. He was awarded the Medal of the British Empire.

* Beginnings
* Air Defence Cadet
* The Early Years
* Joining Boulton Paul
* The P.111 Delta
* P.120, the Black Widow Maker
* A Date I Shall Always Remember
* P.111a, the Yellow Peril
* Canberras, Tay Viscounts and Lightnings
* Struggle to Save Shoreham Airport
* Delta flight log and type bag

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