The Race for Mach One

HPM011 World X-Planes Profile #11 The Race for Mach One
Robert W. Kempel -  41 pages
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The breaking of the sound barrier by the United States Air Force X-1 (s/n 46-062) on 14 October 1947 was a major aeronautical achievement and notable historical event that is unequivocally recognized as the world’s first supersonic flight.

The original flight-test data, scientifically recorded, analyzed and documented, from the world’s first piloted airplane flight beyond the so-called “sound-barrier” has been presented and discussed in this book. The conclusive evidence of this event, from the raw recorded data to the final numerical data, has been clearly presented.

The North American Aviation prototype XP-86 (s/n 45-59597) has been the subject of a book that puts forth the proposition that this was the world’s first supersonic airplane and not the X-1 and that the XP-86 may have gone supersonic as early as 1 October 1947.

The purpose of this book by retired Senior NASA Aerospace Engineer Robert W. Kempel is to debunk this fictitious theory and to explain rationally why the X-1 should remain enthroned as the first manned aircraft to break the sound barrier.

* The Evolution of the Messerschmitt Me 262
* The Evolution of the North American Aviation XP-86
* Documentation Dispels Speculation
* Airplane Physical Characteristics
* Glossary
* Recorded History of J35-Powered Airplanes
* Encounters With Mach 1

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