Vertical Explorers

HPM012 World X-Planes X Planes Profile #8
Vertical Explorers – Jet Powered VTOL X-Planes 32 pages
Henry Matthews

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Vertical take-off and landing capability is an inherent characteristic of many future aircraft still on the drawing board or just beginning their test flying programs. Most of these aircraft will be jet-powered, and will make use of the data accumulated over the years by all the past jet-powered X-planes that flew from 1953 to 1992.

More than four decades of VTOL flying and testing. 18 VTOL types, from the US, Britain, France, Germany and the USSR. Eight fatal accidents. Hundreds of flights (9 for the Coleoptere, 250 for the Yak-141, 136 flights for the X-13, etc…).

This book has it all: the successes, the failures and the might-have-beens, with many flying details and data never published before. Who flew what and when? most of the answers are here, FOR THE FIRST TIME.

* Bell 65 ATV – * Ryan X-13 Vertijet
* Bell X-14 – * Short SC.1
* SNECMA Coleoptere – * Hawker P.1127
* Lockheed XV-4 – * Dassault-Sud Balzac V
* EWR VJ 101C – * Yakovlev Yak-36
* Hawker P.1127 Kestrel – * Ryan XV-5
* Dassault Mirage IIIV – * Dornier Do.31 E
* YakoveleYak-38 – * VFW VAK 191B
* Rockwell XFV-12A – * Yakovlev Yak-141

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